Talents lauréat 2022

It’s an abstract Amazon rainforest, an impenetrable forest of signs where patterns and colours call out and provoke each other, brush against each other and collide, but always end up flying away in the softness of cotton voile, wool, or silk. At its edge, embroidered on the label, a name stands out: Mapoésie. Is this the title of a manifesto? Yes, and much more, maybe of a visual epic poem that Elsa Poux has been writing since 2010 – alone or with guest artists. Mapoésie uses mostly natural materials in all its collections. Cotton is the basic fabric for summer, wool is for winter, and then there’s silk … or a mix of all these fibres. Fabrics specifically woven for Mapoésie give the brand room to play with finishings and the material’s lightness (or heaviness).

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