Rime Arodaky has been designing wedding dresses since 2011. The designer is part of a new generation that has decided to upturn the traditional codes of wedding attire and inject style and attitude into that very static, conventional industry. All the label’s pieces are designed in Paris and handmade by seamstresses. In 2015 Rime Arodaky took a stance against cruelty by refusing to use any animal product (wool, feathers, fur, silk, leather, etc.) or any product tested on animals. The house takes full advantage, however, of a vast vocabulary of iconic materials such as lace, macramé, organza, and crêpe. To create her gorgeous pieces, Rime and her team of experts choose the best Italian and French textiles sourced from local suppliers.

Rime Arodaky Rime Arodaky Rime Arodaky Rime Arodaky