Valérie Khalfon

French designer Valérie Khalfon holds a degree in haute couture and began her career gaining experience in different haute couture ateliers. Very quickly she turned to design, a vocation she had been passionate about since childhood. Building on her professional background, she launched her own brand, where she could oversee each stage of a collection: from design, to fine tuning and prototypes, to production. The Valérie Khalfon brand is, above all, a story about women searching for new experiences and for pleasure. Natural fabrics, a blend of artistic influences, and artisanal, ethnic prints express the charm of these glamorous, romantic women. The house’s style mixes a message of freedom and freshness with a simple, joyful appeal. The range, with its clean, feminine cuts, comfortable, fluid fabrics, and shapes that fit in at the beach as well as more urban settings, gives women a choice of timeless pieces to add to their wardrobes.

Valérie Khalfon Valérie Khalfon Valérie Khalfon Valérie Khalfon